"To inspire our students to have a love for Torah, a love for Hashem and a love for every Jew."

Our mission is what guides us every day, it's the air we breathe. Every decision made in yeshiva is with this idea in mind, "Will it inspire a love for Torah, Hashem and another Jew"?

Our learning style is developed to give an appreciation and love for Hashems Torah, as the saying goes give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. We not only teach the students Torah but we give them the tools and appreciation for them to want to continue throughout their lives.

Our core values are that Every student wants to succeed and that it's our job as educators to inspire them and help them succeed, every child is unique and our approach with every child is unique. We don't believe in the "One size fits all approach" every child is different and needs to be treated as such.

Personal attention to every student Small class sizes...
* Devoted and highly qualified staff
* Great working relationships between the staff & the students
* Innovative study program
* Bringing back the fun into learning

To provide your son with a vibrant and warm Chassidishe education,encompassing the intensive study of Chassidus, Nigla and Halacha. We also provide a top-notch general education without compromising a Chassidishe environment. At HaMesivta, we relate to every Talmid as an individual with his own unique strengths and abilities. Because we have a highly competent and dedicated staff, as well as small classes, your son will receive the attention he needs to ensure his utmost success.

Personal Attention Given to Every Student
HaMesivta Hanhala, teachers and students agree on two things: they love it here, and there is a great relationship between staff and students. We keep constant track of every student's progress in every area, with a warm interest and sincere concern that he be genuinely happy in our yeshiva. In order to provide the individualized attention so crucial to igniting an enthusiasm for learning in each bochur, we will be accepting only 15 talmidim per shiur.

Devoted, Highly Qualified Teaching Staff
Our teachers are young and energetic. All have mastered the fine art of encouraging eachstudent to be all he can be. Every faculty member's number one priority is to enable theindividual talmid to derive the fullest possible benefit from his yeshiva stay.

Innovative Study Program
Our novel approach to Torah study is to ascertain that each student has a thorough understanding of each topic, thus facilitating his enjoyment of his learning and his total involvement in it. We offer great incentives that delight our students, including trips, sports outings at the park and Shabbatons. A cadre of fine, Chassidishe older bochurim/shluchim will be learning alongside the boys in HaMesivta. They will befriend, tutor and encourage the boys on a one-to-one basis, inaddition to making Farbrengens, arranging Mivtzaim, and generally imparting the ruach of a Chassidishe yeshiva.

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